Sätta före - Put Ahead Of
Put something ahead of yourself
Grymhet - Cruelty
It's alot of cruelty in the world
Behandling - Treatment
I went and got for treatment for my legs
Förvänta sig - Expect
I expected much more from you
Tydligen - Obviously
She sad that i could meet her today, but obviously not
Val - Election
I'm sure that we'll win the next election now!
Självförsvar - Self-defence
I want to go on a course for self-defence
Värdefull - Vaulable
Animals are as much valuable as we are
Föda upp - Rear
We rear the animals
Slakta - Slaughter
We slaughter animals for food
Rolig - Jolly
January isn't generelly jolly
Utbilda - Educate
I'm going to educate myself to a doctor.
Roa sig - Amuse oneself
We amuse oneself to hunt.
Förorena - Pollute
We pollute and destroy them
Förstöra - Destroy
I was so angry that i destroyd me cell phone.
Miljö - Environment
The environment is more important than it has ever been.
Vetenskaplig - Scientific
Scientific tests have proved that gorillas can learn how to communicate in human language.
Uttrycka - Express
The animals can express there emotions to humans and to each other.
Känsla - Emotion
Utfärda - Issue
Kön - Gender
We should have respect to each other whatever their coulour, gener and religion.

Freeze, Froze, Frozen
Get, got, got
Give, gave, given
Go, went, gone
Grow, grew, grown
Hang, hung, hung
Give, gave, given
Go, went, gone
Grow, grew, grown
Have, had, had
Hear, heard, heard
Hide, hid, hidden
Hit, hit, hit
Hold, held, held
Hurt, hurt hurt


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